“Every single ship is a peaceful friend for me that defied the years, witnessed life and achieved wisdom. Every voyage of it is a story telling different adventures and arousing excitements…”.



This book is the product of Fatih Takmaklı’s passion for ships, lasting since the age of six.

Every photo in the book has been taken by Takmaklı; and the information about the ships has been gathered by himself together with his team. Takmaklı will introduce different types of ships in a series called “Afloat”, and in this book, the first one of the series, he is depicting “Cruises” that people from all ages gaze in admiration and fall into reverie while watching.

The unique work that will be a major contribution to the shipping culture of Turkey, surrounded on three sides by the sea, is Takmaklı’s gift to all ship enthusiasts.

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Carnival Dream, is the largest ship built up until 2009 for Carnival Cruise Lines and it was built in Fincantieri Shipyard in Italy, like its sister ships Carnival Magic and Carnival Breeze. There are several types of cabins in Carnival Dream varying from inside cabins to suits. Luxury Cabins with ocean scenery feature 2 separate restrooms. Another cabin type is the balcony cabin with partially closed porch. Besides, there are special spa cabins in this ship as there is in Carnival Splendor.
Navigator of the Seas is a 2nd generation fourth Voyager class passenger liner operated by Royal Caribbean International. The ship with diesel –electric power transmission using azipod azimuth thrusters was built in Kværner Masa-Yards Turku New Shipyard in Finland. Once being the largest ship in the fleet, Navigator of the Seas is still one of the largest in the world, and navigates across plenty of regions including coasts of Turkey.
Princess Daphne (previous names were Ocean Monarch, Ocean Odyssey, Switzerland, Daphne, Akrotiri Express, Port Sydney), is a medium-size passenger liner serving in the Mediterranean in the past. Built as a fireboat under the name of Port Melbourne in 1955 by Swan, Hunter & Wigham Richardson in Newcastle, United Kingdom, the ship has been transformed into a cruise in the Chalkis Shipyard of Piraeus, Greece between 1972 and 1974.
Fatih Takmaklı - Su Üstünde

Who is Fatih TAKMAKLI?

Born on September 5th 1983, in the Nazilli town of Aydın, Fatih Takmaklı has been distinguished with the backpack he carried on during his childhood. The bag filled with items like the camera given by his cousins as a gift, album containing the ship photos taken by him, brochures of the travel agencies and clippings of ship photos has always been with him to everywhere he went. The pleasure of watching the ships from the balcony of his family’s house in Kuşadası lead Takmaklı befriend ships. He regarded every passenger liner, ferry, yacht and wooden sail boat that came aboard as a friend.

Takmaklı went to United States in 2000 for his education, and after graduating from St. Patrick High School; he attended undergraduate study in Loyola University in 3 major´s and 3 minor´s following as Economy, Political Sciences, History, Theology and African Studies. He got his Master’s Degree on management and decided to return to Turkey when he started on his doctorate.

During his 10-years life in America, he visited all states of the country and had the opportunity to take numerous ship photos. He published a part of the photos he has been taking for years in a four-volume book under the title of “World Ship Collection”.

The first of those volumes is “Modern Cruise Ships from 1931 to 2008” containing more than 130 cruise ship photos; second one is “Ferries of the World” containing more than 128 photos of the ferries belonging to companies like Deniz Lines, G.A Ferries, Istanbul Fast Ferry, Lake Michigan Ferry, Staten Island Ferry, Turkish Maritime Lines, Ukrainian Ferries and Washington State Ferries; third one is “Modern Turkish Ships”, containing more than 130 photos of Turkish flagged conventional vehicle ferries, cruise ships, fast ferries, ferryboats, port speedboats, passenger liners, train ferries and yachts; and the forth one is “Tall Ships: The Ladies of the Seas” containing 179 special photos from Tall Ship Races organized in Philadelphia, Tacoma and Norfolk.

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